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Our Law Firm Areas of Practice
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U.S.A Practice Areas.
Bankruptcy: Save your home &car, Stop Creditor harassment Loan Modification.
Family Law: Divorce, Child Custody, Pre &Post Marital Agreements.
Immigration: Asylum,  Citizenship,  Adjustment of statue / Green  Card,  Family
& Student  Visa, Investment  Visa,  Deportation  &Removal,  Business Visas For
Professionals including H-1,B-1,O, SLobar Certification, Perm.
Personal Injury: Auto Accidents, Dogs Bites, Slip &Fall, Medical Wrongful Death,
Workers Compensation Claims.
Business  Transactions:  Corporations,  Limited  Liability  Companies,  Buy / Sell
Transaction, Liquor Licenses.
Criminal   Law: Assault  and  Battery,  Drunk  Diving,  Drug   Related  Offenses
Domestic Violence, Retail Fraud, Traffic Violations.
Egypt Practice Areas.
● Handling  of  all type  of   lawsuits  &actions (civil - criminal - family & shariaa
related - trade  related - tax  related - labor  related) before  any  instance  courts
( summary / first instance / appeal /  cassation / supreme  administrative   court )
-execution of pronounced  judgments &orders - handling  of local & international
arbitration  proceedings.
● Tracing  of  property  vesting  title  to  ownership, chain  of   title (title transfer
history),  legal  related records  and documents - establishing the validity thereof
before all  competent authorities - registration  &notarization  thereof before the
General    Authority  of  Registration   & Notarization    & any  other  competent
certification or legalization authorities.
● Conducting  of  pre-contract negotiations - drafting  all  types of contracts in all
fields and in all languages -  registration, certification, legalization thereof before
competent authorities.
● Handling   of  incorporation    procedure  of  all   companies  types,   of   related
proceedings of  merger,  liquidation,  bankruptcy, of related legal, administrative
& personnel   affairs -  taking  due  procedure   to  esatblish   foreign  companies
branches  and  commercial  representative  offices in   Egypt - handling of stocks,
securities  & bonds related legal matters.
● Handling of (general/sales) taxes/customs duties/ legal &tax accounting related
matters – settling / recovering bad  debts  amicably or  through  legal action from
individuals, companies, agencies &banks-settling of client credit files at banks.
● Registration of real  estate/ intellectual/ trademarks &trade names/ industrial/
patent property - handling of forgery &falsification cases.
● Providing of  support &help in  legal/ procedural/  commercial/  banking related
matters plus other required investor or businessmen services.
● Handling  of  study /  residency/  work /  immigration  /  naturalization  permits
related procedure in  Egypt, USA &Canada.
●Evaluation &appraisal of residential/commercial property, investment ventures,
projects &marketing thereof either directly or by public/sealed envelope auctions
Conducting of feasibility studies for industrial/ commercial/ agricultural projects.