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      Major General Abd Elfatah M.Riad (F.R.P.S.)
          Consulting Expert of Cases of Forgery, Falsification,
                  Writings and Signatures Confrontation and
                   Material Criminal Evidence Examination.

  • Fellow of the Royal British Photography Society (F.R.P.S.).
  • Registered in the Expert Roll at Cairo Appeal Court on 11/7/1970.
  • Registered in the Expert Roll at Cairo Court of First Instance          
    on 28/2/1971.
  • Sworn the Legal Oath The Court of Appeal on 7/2/1987.

Functions of the Office of The Major General Abdel Fatah Riyad:
  • Documents examination, reveal material forgery and falsification
    through deletion or addition, and moral falsification through change
    of the facts included in the examined document, as well as carrying
    out confrontation and writing technical reports .
  • Revealing material criminal evidence examined by the criminal
    laboratories such as: (Apparent and latent finger prints - machinery
    traces - car wheel traces - blood traces - foot traces - fire weapons
    traces) & in general all matters examined by criminal laboratories.
  • Experienced department of criminal, photo and cinematic
Public Jobs:
  • Undersecretary of Criminal Evidence Verification Authority.      (Ex.).
  • Director of Judicial Evidence Department - Ministry of Interior. (Ex.).
  • Professor of Photography at The Higher Institute of Cinema.      (Ex.).
  • Professor of Criminal Photography at the Institute of Criminal
    Evidence Sciences).                                                                     (Ex.).
  • Professor of Photography at Police Officers Training Institute.   (Ex.).
  • Professor of Photography for Post Graduate Studies at
    Pharmaceuticals Faculty, Cairo University.                                 (Ex.).
  • Professor of Photography at the Two Faculties of Media and
    Archeology, Cairo University.                                                      (Ex.).
  • Professor of Photography, at Media Department, AUC.                (Ex.)
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