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B-1 or B-2 application being approved by a US consulate in your home country.
   Visiting United States for Business, B-1
The B-1 is a non-immigrant visa visa available to aliens traveling to the U.S
for business or professional reasons. Among other professionals, it is widely
used by:
Aliens entering the US to participate in the various conferences, workshops,
seminars, trainings, conventions, negotiations, business meetings, retreats
and conferences;
Aliens who are engaged in the projects carried out in the US;
Aliens entering the US to participate in litigation;
Aliens entering the US to give a guest lecture or speech at a US educational
The B-2 visa is probably the most popular US visa. This non-immigrant
visa is available to aliens traveling to the United States for tourism or
pleasure. If the B-2 visa is for multiple entries, an alien can usually
re-enter the US several times as long as an alien maintains residence
in the foreign country. Additionally, the B-2 visa processing times are
relatively short. Most commonly, B-2 visa is granted to aliens
intending to enter the US to:
Visit friends and relatives in the US,  Receive medical treatment in the
US, Tour the US for pleasure.
While the B-2 visa is very common, it is very frequently denied. B-2
visa denial is very frustrating because it usually involves vacation
plans and/or visiting family and friends.
   Both B-1 and B-2 visa applicants must:
1) demonstrate an intent to depart at the expiration of their authorized
 stay (I-94);
2)  show employment, family, social ties to residence abroad;
3) Adequate financial resources to carry out purpose of a visist, be it   
sightseeing or medical treatment.
In most cases, B-2 visa holders are admitted to the US for 6 months,
but this period can be shorter, for example 3 months or even 1 month